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Between Wagons and The Moon   2016. short documentary. 
Role : Director, Cinematographer, Editor

La Muna (Natalia Serna) travelled with a group of migrants atop the trains through Mexico and fell in love with their faith and courage that she knew she would have to return. Currently Natalia resides in Nogales, Sonora Mexico along the US/Mexico border where she writes songs in Spanish and English inspired by the lives of the migrants and deportees she meets daily at the KINO Border Initiative.

This video is produced by AJ Plus. 

Official Selection

Arizona International

Film Festival 2017

Official Selection

Fear No Film

Utah Arts Festival




Global Peace

Film Festival

Official Selection

Perhaps, Somewhere   2009. Narrative. 87mins.
Role : Director, Writer, Cinematographer,Editor
Two figures navigate through their isolated past and present, searching for a sense of home. In meeting, they forge a brief and close bond, learning to understand themselves and one another, wondering where they will go next.


Best Arthouse Feature Film


New York International

Independent Film Festival



Official Selection



New York, NY





Tenants   2014. Narrative. 27mins.
Role : Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

A pianist pays a lone visit to the empty house where he and his wife had planned to move in together. While playing a song on the piano that stirs up his haunting memories, he encounters a squatter, a teenage girl. Before he takes the girl back home, however, she asks him to teach her how to play the song.

Cast : Christopher J. Domig, Mantis Harper

Wait  2013. Musical Documentary. 53mins.
Role : Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Two friends travel through South America, journeying toward an ever elusive “home.” Along the way, they capture stories on the road through song and film, reimagining their own past and future as they discover the beauty of the present.

Music : La Muna (

The Fish with Two Legs   
2007. Experimental Narrative B&W 16mm film. 9 mins. .
Role : Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
A mermaid-like figure is seen emerging from the waters transforming into a human. With her newfound limbs she explores her surroundings with a curiosity and strong desire to be the ideal self. The film further delves into the possibilities of change and displacement as the figures identity slowly unravels. 

Official Selection

"Power of Art"

Brooklyn Arts Council

International Film Festival


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