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Josh Deutsch's Pannonia

Role : Videographer, Editor


Recorded live @ Flushing Town Hall
Queens Jazz OverGround Spring Jazz Festival
April 16, 2016

La Muna - Velero

Role : Director, DP, Editor

Music Video

Artist : La Muna

Producer : Brian Oh, Caroline Voagen Nelson
Additional Crew: Eman Nader
Cast : Michael Andrew Castillejos, Katya Meykson, Henning Gürtler, Ju Li

Novaluz Collective 2012

La Muna - My Brother

Role : Director, DP, Editor

Live recording

Artist : La Muna (with Eman Nader)

Recorded on a rooftop in Brooklyn in June 2013

La Muna - A Teaspoon of Stardust

Role : Co-director, Editor

Music Video

Co-directors : La Muna, Eman Nader, Caroline Voagen Nelson

Novaluz Collection 2010

Ryan Keberle and Catharsis

Role : Videographer, Editor

"Big Kick Blues"

at Sycamore in Brooklyn

Recorded in Brooklyn, April 8, 2012

Helium, a Brian Adler project EPK

Role : Videographer, Editor

The Helium project

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