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The Fish with Two Legs

2007. 9 mins. 16mm B&W Film

Director, Cinematographer, Editor - Brian Oh
Dancer - Hsin-Yu Lin


- Mono No Aware, 8th annual exhibition, NY (2014)

- Undergraduate Film/Video Festival, 3rd prize, SAIC, IL (2009)

- Official Selection for "Power of Art" at Brooklyn Arts Council International Film Festival (2008)




”The Fish with Two Legs” is a film dealing with identity on a cross-cultural platform, exploring mythological themes and metaphors. A mermaid-like figure is seen emerging from the waters transforming into a human. With her newfound limbs she explores her surroundings with a curiosity and strong desire to be the ideal self. The film further delves into the possibilities of change and displacement as the figures identity slowly unravels. 



2014. Re-edited. 16mm projection with live performance by Maya Kuroki and Alexis Farand


MONO NO AWARE VIII screening at Lightspace Studios, Brookyln, NY


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