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Collage series

This series of photographs explores the possibility of creating new identities by morphing and melding elements of nature with the human body itself, thereby exposing the psychological process of self-discovery. 


including Smoker

- Winner of 3rd Annual Juried Photography Exhibit, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL

- Critic's picks, Time Out Chicago (2008)


This photo collage consists of numerous photographs of a man in different outfits captured mid-air, and explores the capriciousness of our day-to-day connections. 


- Group Photography Show, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL (2008)


​​Taking photos of strangers, taking photos of me.


- A handmade photo book available for viewing upon request.


This public installation piece juxtaposes both old and new, western and eastern elements, in a series of black-and-white photographs bound together over layers of vinyl discs and CDs by a web of rope.


- Hong-Dae Street Art Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea (2004)


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