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Rules of Intimacy   2015. Multimedia experimental theater. 
Role : Co-writer, Performer, Video Designer, Editor
This multimedia experimental theater piece deals with sexual and emotional intimacy between human beings and asks questions of what the rules are in the delicate human connections. 

by Isabel Sanchez & Brian Oh

Developing project from artist residency at La Nave del Duende, Casar de Caceres, Spain

The Fish with Two Legs   2014. Expanded cinema
Role : Director
16mm film projection with live music performance

Performance by Maya Kuroki (musician) and Alexis Farand (foley artist)

Lightspace Studios, Brookyln, NY

Make Like It's Yours  2014. Experimental theater. 
Role : Video Designer, Editor, Performer

Sister Sylvester's performance in August 2014 after three weeks of research and development at Salem Art Works in upstate New York. (

'Make Like It’s Yours' begins from two considerations of hospitality: Jean Genet’s instruction that a guest must steal from their host, to break the bond of debt through a transgression; and Derrida’s 1996 lectures on hospitality, "Foreigner Question" and "Step of Hospitality/No Hospitality”. The piece itself will be a series of experiments in radical hospitality, with a form inspired by 1980’s avant-garde art on T.V. shows like Kęstutis Nakas, Your Program of Programs’, and Christoph Schlingenseif’s U3000 which was broadcast from the Berlin subway.

Dead Behind These Eyes  2014. Experimental theater. 
Role : Video Designer, Editor

'Dead Behind These Eyes' is a performance in a karaoke room about pop music, love, and apathy. Three characters rail against the world, and mourn the big, bold important lives they were supposed to live, drowning their sorrows in booze, song, sex, and cigarettes. Using text inspired by John Osborn’s iconic play of dissatisfied youth, 'Look back In Anger', alongside lyrics from Britney Spears, Jeff Buckley, Prince and others, this piece explores political and social participation through the microcosm of the karaoke parlor.

Director: Kathryn Hamilton

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